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Tread careful

... and take insignificant steps towards the light

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Fanfic: Drowning girl!McKay/Lorne G

Title: Drowning
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: girl!McKay/Lorne
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Doctor Meredith R. McKay’s reactions at the end of episode ‘Trinity’.
Disclaimer: The story is fictional; I make no money with this. The characters belong to someone being less me.


Mer felt like she had been dropped into ice water. John had crushed her. Battling over her emotions she made her way towards the North Pier.

Well, it was not as if Sheppard was wrong, she thought. She had given the order that had caused the death of a fellow scientists, she had plead to Sheppards to give her a second chance, which had almost killed them both.

Finally reaching the doors she slapped her hand on the crystal panel and walked out to the outer landing stage. She collapsed painfully on her knees, burried her head in her hands and started sobbing. Only now Mer realised the pain Johns words had caused her. Not on the professional but on the personal level.

Despite her constant self-denying she had always liked the bantering and flirting between them. Johns brain and good looks where a piece of art, in her opinion.

Duranda had destroyed any hopes of companionship with Sheppard for her. Crying, she bemoaned the loss of Johns smile directed towards her, his arms pulling her into savety.

Out of the blue she did indeed feel a pair of strong arms circling around her waist and pulling her into a hug. Mer kept on crying, clinging to the definitely male body which felt like a lifeline.


When she somehow regained her posture, utterly exhausted by her breakdown, Mer noticed the military issued BDUs. It was Lorne.

Major Evan Lorne, Sheppards 2nd in command. The guy no one ever noticed, who constantly moaned over the paperwork Sheppard made him do and who loved to come down to the botanic lab to tease Parrish, the scientist assigned to his gate team.

He still held her, gently rubbing her back. Which was a bit awkward since the sea had both of them sprayed with saltwater and their clothes sticked to them like a 2nd skin.

 How embaressing!

 Mer cleared her throat and began to untangle herself from his limbs.

 ‘Thank you Major, but you can let go of me now’ she managed to croak out. She felt him shrug and heard him simply stating ‘Okay’.

They both got up and Mer turned away from Lorne while she tried to wiped her face and compose herself. Lorne, she noticed after giving in and glancing at him, hadn’t moved and stood watching the Lantean Ocean.

Mer cleared her throat again and turned at last. ‘Thank you, Major for...’ she waved her hands uncertainly, gesturing between them. Lornes face lit up with a smile. ‘You’re welcome, doc.’

 Mer felt herself smiling back. Where the heck did that came from? she thought bewildered at her own reactions.

 ‘Want to grab some early dinner with me?’ he asked then and held out a hand. Mer ignored it and shifted her head to the left. ‘That depends’ she said, looking at anything but him, ‘on whether I look like I’ve been trying to drown myself or not.’

Lorne chuckled and grabbed her hand. ‘We are both wet to the bones doctor McKay so naturally we both look like we’ve been trying to drown ourselfs.’

‘Oh joy’ Mer mumbled, scowling for good measure. ‘Everyone will think I jumped down the pier.’ They made their way towards the door and just when Lorne slapped his free hand over the panel he said the words she really needed to hear. Playful banter.

 ‘Don’t worry. I will tell everyone that I sliped and fell into the sea and you jumped in after me and saved my life.’

 Her face lit up ‘Really?’

 ‘Really’ Lorne confirmed.

 The door hissed close after them.


R&R, please. Thank U!


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Love the ending! Girl!Rodney is very in-character.

Thank U for your comment! Say, don't you wan to come over to the dark site and support LornexMcKay? Come on, I know you want to! ; )

I really do want to, *sighs* but McShep haunt my dreams. Some time literally *makes weird face* (check out my LJ for an explanation - I totally had a McShep dream!). Maybe I will come over to the dark side. Got any must read McLorne recs for me? Other than your own stuff, of course. LOL. xx

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